"I shall be disappointed if I only get £550,000 for it," says Mike Golding, as he shows me into a two-bedroom, first-floor flat he is selling.

It has no garden, few proper windows, and no view to speak of.

But such prices are not excessive in Stow on the Wold, a pretty market town in the Cotswolds, where the undersupply of affordable housing is matched only by the oversupply of Barbour jackets, local organic brie and bow-windowed tea shops.

— One of the 62 English Local Authority areas that are less affordable than London

Customer data sold to debt collectors in pen drives (!!!)

“Sometimes, they’ll [Chinese tourists] try to pay for an ice cream with a 500-euro bill”
Jean-Francois Zhou. President of the Chinese association of travel agencies, France.
“[Chinese tourists] discover Paris’s grittier side — packed metros, rude waiters and pickpockets intent on robbing cash-carrying tourists — all of which sends them into psychological shock.”
'Paris Syndrome' Drives Chinese Tourists Away
“For example, Gowex said in 2011 it had signed a 12 million euro contract to provide wi-fi in public places in Buenos Aires, including the city’s underground network. While Gowex and Buenos Aires authorities did have talks over a potential deal, the transaction was never agreed and both the municipality and the Subte metro company told Reuters they never signed any deal and had no knowledge of Gowex’s announcement.”

20 shell companies and fake deals.

In “Special Report - Web of lies: How a Spanish tech star fooled the world”

Gartner’s 2014 Hype Cycle for emerging technologies. Not sure if NFC (the standard) will get out of that Trough of Disillusionment.

Ukick on Dragon’s Den S12E04

Watching last nite’s Dragon’s Den. Maybe it’s the editing but no one mention Ukick’s feather shuttlecock is based on a traditional game (jianzi/đá cầu and many other names) found in Asia. To make it a fad it needs serious £££/marketing and existing Asian manufacturers will likely capture the market and undercut Ukick’s £7.99.

“Here, on the other hand, let’s say there’s [fictional player] Opti Poba, who has come here, who previously was eating bananas and now is a first-team player for Lazio … In England he has to demonstrate his CV and his pedigree.”
— Carlo Tavecchio, current vice-president and favourite to become President of Italian football federation (FIGC) and head of Italy’s amateur league (LND).
“And it can be hard to stay in touch — Beyoncé and Jay Z both change their cellphone numbers every two weeks.”

TMZ’s real engine — what defines its mission, what legitimizes it and sets it apart — is a unique and controversial mix of scandal mongering and investigative journalism. But it’s also that mode that some have claimed is responsible for acquiring a video of Justin Bieber telling a racist joke and, over the course of four years, not publishing it.

BuzzFeed spoke to nearly two dozen former TMZ employees, and it’s clear that Bieber’s tape was not the only near-priceless piece of dirt in the proverbial TMZ vault. (TMZ did not respond to multiple requests for comment.) According to these ex-employees, the sealed testimonies from the Michael Jackson molestation trial hide there as does footage of various celebrities — Bieber, Lohan, Travolta — behaving badly. The vault isn’t a secret at TMZ — even the lowest on the staff ladder have heard whispers of its existence. As to what goes up on the site and what stays vaulted, that’s a finer, more esoteric calculus — and one in which celebrities and their publicists have come to live in fear. As one source explained, “There’s no doubt: [Harvey] Levin [TMZ founder] absolutely changed the way celebrities function today.”

— Anne Helen Petersen’s "The Down And Dirty History of TMZ"

Great ad:

  1. You can see they’re using real Macbook Airs. Obviously scrubbed clean but they kept the dents and blemishes.
  2. How else can they get you to stare at an Apple logo for 30 seconds?

Jenny Lewis’ Just One of the Guys.

The ‘breakdance’.

“[V]aluation metrics in some sectors do appear substantially stretched—particularly those for smaller firms in the social media and biotechnology industries, despite a notable downturn in equity prices for such firms early in the year.”

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Monetary Policy Report July 15, 2014


Never noticed there are *different* Netflix plans. Take note Spotify!